The Story

Can WORDS AND MUSIC change the world?

We Vow asks young people to re-think the way the world could be. From a place of love, it urges all of us towards a higher version of ourselves.

It is about the inequities we have accepted as inevitable and the clarity that emerges through young eyes that see something their parents have long since forgotten: That we are all responsible for each other every day in every way. It is what makes us human. It is why we were equipped with the ability to love. Children instinctively feel it in the gut. They remind us that we used to as well.

“WE LEARN FROM WHAT WE SEE”: It is a self-evident reality, backed up by social science research: Our self-centered culture divides us along economic, racial, religious and political lines. We are conditioned to fear, prejudice and hate as a means of survival. We isolate in an effort to protect ourselves. And we accomplish the very opposite.

There is another way – the path of service, gratitude, freedom and, most essentially, love.

“THE SECRET DISTRUST, THE UNSPOKEN FEAR”: Racism, poverty, violence and bullying exist because we allow it. We talk a good game about kindness and equality. But there is too often a disparity between our words and our actions.

The song and its powerful young voices unify in a shared commitment to creating something better than what they find around them.

“THESE MINDS CAN DREAM SOMEDAY WE’LL CHANGE”: The We Vow campaign has a simple mission: Inspiring acts of love in the face of abuse, intolerance, discrimination and bullying around us.

Here’s what this IS NOT: An appeal for greater awareness about discrimination and the need for kindness.

Here’s what it IS: A call to action driven by love. This isn’t an idea. It’s love in motion.

“WE CHOOSE LOVE”: The We Vow Campaign is about casting a new light on how we live and behave. Now. With this generation. Real actions based on active expressions of love in our communities.